Eating like a big child


Diversifying babies’ diets involves opening up their minds to new flavors and textures. It means that you can share new sensations and let them experience pleasure and variety during meal times.

From 4-5 months babies are ready to taste new food… but at their own pace. It is therefore recommended to only introduce one new food at a time, so that your baby can become familiar with its texture and taste.

You do not need to add salt, as Baby will enjoy discovering each new flavor.

meal-bullet Preparing meals

Steam cooking is ideal as it preserves the vitamins in the food.

Baby will start by only eating small quantities of each new food introduced. It is difficult to cook and mix 30 grammes of vegetables, so you need to prepare a reasonable amount and then prepare small portions for freezing. You can buy containers specially designed for keeping meals in the fridge or freezer. Then you just heat them in the microwave and Baby’s meal is ready.

To save time, prepare your child’s meals using a food processor. This is very practical while your child does not eat the same as the rest of the family. It steams, mixes, defrosts, and heats and so can become a precious ally for all mothers!




meal-bullet Between 4.5 and 5.5 months

New foods introduced
Blended cooked fruits and vegetables
Extra flavours
A small amount of butter for vegetables
A pinch of sugar for acidic fruits

meal-bullet Between 5 and 6 months

New foods introduced
Lean fish
Fruit juice (approximately 30 ml) diluted in water in the bottle
Egg (half an egg, white and yolk together)
Extra flavours
Ideally poached or steamed and just cooked so the taste is not altered
No honey, but sometimes a teaspoon of compote mixed in

meal-bullet Around 6 months and later

New foods introduced
Fish : gradual introducion of other varieties
Meat : first white meat, then red, then a bit of ham
Petit-suisse or soft white cheese
Extra flavours
Ideally poached or steamed. A drizzle of olive oil before serving
Half a teaspoon of compote may be mixed in

meal-bullet Around 7-8 months

New foods introduced
A bit of bresd (it is delicious warm, freach from the bakery)
Thin pasta, couscous and tapioca can now given
Pasteurised cheese
Extra flavours
A small amount of butter
Even strong cheese, your baby might like it

meal-bullet Around 9 months

New foods introduced
Whole egg
Mashed cooked fruits and vegetables. The less refined texture also slighty changes the taste.
Extra flavours
Butter or olive oil on the vegetables

meal-bullet Around 10-12 months

New foods introduced
Extra flavours
Butter or olive oil on the vegetables


A high chair allows Baby to sit up at the table like a big child. Parents consider it an essential childcare item. It will be used daily from 5-6 months – as soon as Baby can sit up well – when you start to introduce a variety of foods, and until the age of 2-3.

High chair safety:

meal-bullet Always attach the high chair’s safety harness.

meal-bullet Place the high chair on a flat, stable surface.

meal-bullet Never leave your child alone and unsupervised.

meal-bullet Teach Baby not to climb alone or get out of the chair.

Expert tip: you can buy a travel booster seat, so that Baby can eat at the table; there are various models, which are very light and easy to fit onto a normal chair.

There are 3 main types of high chair:
The ‘traditional’ wooden high chair
Its advantages are its solidity and its attractive retro look. To ensure that babies under the age of one are safe and comfortable, it is recommended that the chair has a 5-point harness and a cushion. There are fixed chairs and also folding chairs, which are more pratical for small spaces.
The adjustable high chair
Its heigh can be adjusted and it is very comfortable, with a padded seat, a reclining back (more comfortable for 6-month old babies) and an adjustable foot-rest. The removable tray is useful when the child starts to eat unassisted. You can also remove the tray if you want to move the chair forward so your child can sit at the table with the rest of the family. The chair can easily be folded and put away when not use. Above all, its 5-point harness provides a high degree of safety (pelvis, between the legs, shoulders).
The adaptable high chair
The major feature of this model is the fact that it can be adapted. This is an adjustable high chair which daily for almost two years, it is advisable to choose a model wich provides maximum safety and comfort.