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At Orchestra, we operate some of the largest stores for childcare and children’s fashion:

GREEN-BULLET More than 150 big brands at rock-bottom prices, plus exclusives!

GREEN-BULLET The widest choice in childcare: 10,000 items on sale in 3,330 sq. m (35,500 sq. feet) of retail space

GREEN-BULLET More than 200 strollers, 40 bedrooms, 80 high chairs

GREEN-BULLET A relaxation and nursery area

GREEN-BULLET The largest collection of babycare, maternity wear, and fashion from birth to 14 years


Childcare products in-store

Orchestra operates some of France’s largest childcare stores: in Montpellier (3,000 sq. m, 32,300 sq. ft), Nîmes (3,000 sq. m, 32,300 sq. ft), Villeneuve d’Asq (2,000 sq. m, 21,500 sq. ft), Caen (3,300 sq. m, 35,500 sq. ft)


The experts at Prémaman have been developing childcare products for 60 years. Prémaman is both a fashion and childcare brand, and a product selection label. Prémaman demands the same quality and innovation requirements across all its markets.

GREEN-BULLET As a BRAND, Prémaman develops its own clothing and accessory lines for future mothers, newborns, and babies. The brand also features exclusive childcare products, each the result of 60 years of experience, and offering unbeatable value for money.

GREEN-BULLET As a LABEL, Prémaman’s extensive expertise has made it a leading operator in its field. It applies a set of strict quality, safety, and innovation criteria, only selecting brands with a solid international reputation. As such, Prémaman has become a trusted label among young parents.

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Club Orchestra & childcare

Join the Club and enjoy savings on childcare products all year round:

  • -50% off ALL Orchestra-Prémaman baby, child, and maternity fashion collections (clothing and accessories),
  • between 10% and 30% off a wide selection of shoes,
  • and up to 50% off a wide selection of childcare and maternity brands.
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