The history of Orchestra

In July 1995, Chantal and Pierre Mestre founded Orchestra. Their aim was to create a children’s clothing brand and develop a unique distribution model.

Orchestra started by opening a few small branch stores, then developed its franchise business from 1999 onwards. In 2006, the concept changed, with the development of out-of-town stores. These "Big Orchestra" stores featured a wider selection of products and offered more services. From 2006 to 2009, Orchestra continued to develop its out-of-town stores near French cities, as well as expanding into seven new countries.


In 2009, in response to constant promotions and flash sales, and consumer confusion about the real price of products, Orchestra revolutionized the consumer model by introducing a permanent discount and benefit system for its customers: Club Orchestra.

Club Orchestra childcare fashion product savings all year round discounts

By signing up for the Club and paying an annual subscription of €30, members benefit from Club prices, i.e. 50% off all collections throughout the year. The first test was conducted in a store in Nîmes, France, then extended to 15 other stores from 2010 onwards.


Boosted by the success of the scheme in the pilot stores, Club Orchestra was rolled out in Spain, then in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. Orchestra also continued to expand its network of stores, opening a new flagship in Paris. This was followed by further stores in Madrid and Barcelona in 2011. A new online store was also launched, along with a subsidiary in Greece.


Orchestra continued to expand abroad in 2012, creating subsidiaries in Turkey and China with a view to developing distribution networks for the brand in these markets. The first Orchestra store opened in Istanbul in September, along with two flagship stores in China: the first in Beijing in August (250 sq. m, 2,700 sq. ft), and the second in Shanghai in September 2012 (550 sq. m, 5,900 sq. ft).

In 2012, Orchestra also branched out into the childcare market. Orchestra had been an active player in this sector since 2002, when it purchased Swiss network Babycare. In April, it opened the largest childcare store in France, located just 5 minutes from Montpellier and covering 3,000 sq. m (32,300 sq. ft) of retail space dedicated to young parents, babies, and children.

In July 2012, Orchestra purchased Prémaman, a Belgian childcare specialist with a presence in 35 countries.


The history of Prémaman


Prémaman was founded in 1953 by a pair of dynamic Belgian entrepreneurs. The couple opened their first store on Rue du Marché aux Herbes in Brussels. The store featured the very first Prémaman maternity and children’s fashion collections, as well as a vast array of accessories.

Initially, the company manufactured its products in a sewing workshop above the store, where it also developed new models. Shortly afterwards, Prémaman opened new stores, and the founders soon took on a growing team of staff. The small sewing workshop turned into a large operation staffed by several seamstresses.


Gradually, Prémaman opened additional stores until it covered the whole of Belgium. The brand then looked abroad, opening branches in Luxembourg and Athens. Prémaman continued its international expansion, reaching several milestones. In 2012, it had around 300 stores worldwide. Prémaman offers products such as cuddly toys, recliners, bottle heaters, changing tables, furniture, and clothing. Its aim is to make life easier and more enjoyable for mothers and young children alike.

In July 2012, Prémaman joined the Orchestra Group, becoming a leader in childcare, maternity, and children’s fashion from birth to 14 years.